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It is our commitment to deliver healthcare services in the area of medical billing and coding.  Our team of seasoned professionals will collaboratively deliver personalized business solutions, emerging resources, and maximized results to ensure efficiency, legal compliance, and profitability.

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We work as a team and a partner to our clients.  We believe that communication is important in earning their trust, interconnected with unwavering commitment to excellence and having their best interests at heart.  As partners, we believe that we play an important part in their growth; we will be with them in every step of the way.  Their success strengthens our partnership and affirms the value of our contributions.

Why choose BAYOU solutions, inc.


We make it our conscious commitment to deliver faster and higher cash collection rate in the most accurate, efficient, legal, and ethical means. Our high client retention rate and client referrals speak volumes!

We are committed to provide










We offer financial flexibility to clients by offering various payment options that suits the individual capacity of your business. We offer minimal startup cost and upfront pricing options to choose from.
We guarantee our performance at a reasonable cost that your organization deserves.

  • Personalized and proactive approach
  • Effective processes and guidance
  • Prompt claims submittal
  • Rapid response and solutions to irregularities
  • Lower billing expenses
  • Increase cash collection productivity
  • Rigorous compliance and ethical standards


We have years of progressive experience in billing and collecting from private insurance companies and/or government agencies for the services rendered by our healthcare clients:

  • Medicare (PPS & Part B)
  • Medi-Cal
  • Medicaid
  • Private / HMO / Commercial Insurance
  • Respite Care
  • Self-Pay
  • Veterans Administration

Patient Eligibility Verification


We understand that the success of this phase is the essence of our client’s cash flow.  Thus, we give importance to the patient eligibility verification process.  We know the negative effects of errors and oversight.  Rejection, denials, and re-evaluation of submitted claims are financially detrimental, tedious, and frustrating.

We have created a comprehensive system that will surely diminish the exposure of unpaid service and loss of profit.

Medical Coding
(OASIS & Plan of Care/485)


Our company delivers accurate coding on diagnoses and procedures that are founded on medical outcomes and analyses.  Our knowledgeable and AHIMA certified Medical Coders are trained to thoroughly review, verify, and extract a variety of sources determined from the patient’s medical record, ensuring absolute information before establishing the accurate codes to create claims.  Our medical coding service extends to managing audit requirements and producing plan of treatments.

Medical Billing & Collection


Our expertise of the industry and the intricacies of the various legal requirements and payer specifications provide us the ability to understand the needs of our clients and swiftly correct substandard processes. We don’t just collect data and push the button; we build a foundation to achieve success.  Our ultimate goal is to be able to streamline the various processes relating to and affecting the billing and collection procedures, subsequently generating quicker and higher collection rates.  Our team takes a proactive role to review and research records, examine and resolve discrepancies, uphold the integrity of data, and comply with payer guidelines, proactively pursue denied or rejected claims, and work collaboratively with in-house staff to ensure faster and successful transmittal of claims.


We guarantee to transmit Medicare claims three times a week.  We ensure claims are thoroughly reviewed and completely verified before submitting them to the appropriate payer.  Our team is focused on organizing the groundwork before claims are transmitted to eliminate inaccuracies and delay of payment.

Don’t delay! Call us now and begin to experience the value of our services!

Advisory and Consultation


Our team believes that every client is unique and requires personalized solutions.  We don’t take the cookie-cutter approach to determine the right solution for our client’s particular business, size, needs, and productivity.  We strongly uphold integrity, higher performance, legal compliance, and excellent service.  This commitment has been the foundation of our success.


We make it our conscious effort to:

  • Keep our clients updated and informed on Federal Mandates & Compliance
  • Audit resources and procedures
  • Identify liability and opportunities
  • Provide hands-on support and professional guidance
  • Resolve deficiencies by creating effective and appropriate solutions
  • Work with vendors to implement and train software applications
  • Be the go-to-person to resolve inconsistencies


We work diligently with clients from the beginning phase of their business to help set a strong foundation, through arduous periods to resolve substandard processes, and through the growing stage to maintain organizational confidence.


BAYOU solutions, inc. was incorporated in 2005 as a third-party medical billing and consulting service company.  Over the years, we have created a trademark of quality, efficiency, and value to our growing home health and hospice agency clients. Our client base has grown tremendously through client referrals and by word of mouth because of our straightforward business approach, effective processes, unwavering standards, and excellent personal service. Today we are proud to say that our clients thrive with confidence as we continue to support them with the highest business standards and optimal service they deserve.


BAYOU solutions, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for medical billing services?

Our billing fees are designed to match your unique size and business needs; customized to give you financial control.  We make it simple and very straightforward with a minimal start-up cost and no  hidden charges; easy on your budget.



Why should I choose BSI?

Our rates are competitive and straightforward, allowing you to save money while simultaneously receiving higher collection.


We take our responsibilities very seriously.  We believe that what we do and how we do things can have a major impact on the financial health of your business.  With that belief, we impose accountability to our staff to ensure all claims are given equal importance and urgency.  We make it our policy to continually build a culture and infrastructure centered on driving results with accountability and integrity.


Finally, our client referrals speak volumes; our client retention rate is high and we are proud of that track record.  We continually reorganize our resources, practices, processes, and activities in our continuous search for excellence and in finding the fastest, cost-effective, and maximized billing systems that truly add value to clients.



What is the role of BSI to our organization?

BSI is your contracted healthcare billing company who manages all healthcare billing functions for your organization.  We function as an individual entity representing on your behalf to submit, collect, follow up, and dispute claims from various payers.  Our staff and expenditures are our responsibility and liability; a tremendous cost savings and stress-relief for you. We are not a collection agency but we pursue delinquent claims until we receive payments or the final determination.



How can I measure your billing performance?

The quality of our service performance can affect the inflow of your cash and can be measured by the rate of reimbursements you receive.  Our proactive approach, diligence, and efficiency is reflected in how expeditiously and rigorously we pursue unpaid claims and the inflow of reimbursements that you receive weekly from various payers.  The reports that we provide you will allow you to track our success.  We guarantee to submit Medicare claims up to three times a week and frequently to private payers allowing you to receive higher and faster reimbursements.



How often does BSI process claims?

Claims received by BSI before 5:00 pm will be processed within the same business day.  Claims received after 5:00 pm will be processed early on the following business day.



Do you provide service to companies located outside Southern California?

Yes, we process claims electronically and we are an internet-based company, equipped to provide support via telephone, e-mail, facsimile, and numerous web-based software.



Are you compliant with HIPAA and other Governing Laws and Regulations?

Yes, we are compliant with HIPAA, HITECH Act, and other governing laws and regulations including healthcare management code of ethics and best practices.  To ensure compliance across all levels of the organization, we keep our employees including our clients up-to-date on recent industry changes and legal requirements.



What other services do I receive from BSI?

Our service rates are all-inclusive and do not require additional fees for consultative support, preparation of reports, systems set-up, and staff training.  Furthermore, we are able to verify a patient’s Medicare eligibility when at times you encounter systems issues.



Can patients call BSI if they have billing questions?

Yes, we will assist your patients with their billing questions.  We can either contact them on your behalf or they may call us directly at (909) 295-5755 or send us an e-mail at info@bayousol.com. We will keep you abreast of the outcome.



How long is the set-up process?

When the service agreement is signed, we can begin the implementation process as early as the next business day as long as we have received all your information.





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